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Mindful Balance Therapy Center P.L.L.C.

The Whole Self Group

led by Dana Belletiere, LICSW, MSED

Do you struggle with your relationship to food, eating, and/or your body? Are you interested in exploring how your personal history and relationship to Self impact your eating patterns
and body image?

Mindful Balance Therapy Center is offering an eight-week therapeutic group focused on holistic wellness for adult women who experience difficulties in their relationships with food, eating, and body image. The group takes an integrative approach to healing and wellness, using lenses from several therapeutic modalities to explore thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about food, eating, health, and wellness. We aim to foster an insight-oriented, supportive group experience.

WHEN:  The group meets for eight sessions over the summer on Thursdays from

July 12th - September 13th 6:00-7:15pm. The group will not meet on July 26th or August 30th.

FOR MORE INFORMATION/HOW TO REGISTER:  Please contact Dana Belletiere at or 603-903-1414 x4.
Early registration is recommended, as the group is expected to fill quickly.

See the brochure HERE.

Social Skills Groups

led by Karen Linafelter, LCMHC, R-DMT

Mindful Balance Therapy Center is offering ongoing Social Skills Groups for children and adolescents with moderate to high functioning Autism.


The groups include structured lessons and play, role-playing, practice, positive reinforcement and social skills games to help group members learn and practice skills to promote positive social interactions with peers and others in general.   

WHEN:  13-16 years old

               Mondays 5-6 PM

               8-12 years old

               Tuesdays 4-5 PM

FOR MORE INFORMATION/HOW TO REGISTER:  Please contact Karen Linafelter at or 603-903-1414 x4.

See the brochure HERE.

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