Mindful Balance Therapy Center P.L.L.C.

Rebekah Nelson, LMFT


I am Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Active in the field for 8 years, I continue to honor the responsibility and privilege I have to serve and support people who grant me a great deal of trust and vulnerability by seeking help.  I work to deepen my skills and broaden my mind through formal education, self-lead inquiry, travel, and interconnection.

I provide therapy from a systemic perspective informed by Internal Family Systems, Non-Violent Communications, Virginia Satir, Irvin Yalom, mindfulness techniques, transpersonal and developmental psychologies, research, and experience. 

I aim to understand and share genuine compassion with clients as we work toward practical, sustainable revelation and change as new knowledge is acquired and integrated over time and development.  Body awareness, experiencing the current moment as a teacher, working through anxiety as it comes and goes, along with feeling into pain, grief, trauma, and fear with readiness, courage, humility, and relaxation are elements of the style I adapt to each individual client’s needs and personal narrative.

The integration of science and spirituality in our search for meaning and truth is a passion of mine along with: working through adolescent struggles; transitions across the lifespan; empowerment of men and women to discern clarity and truth in their often conflicting thoughts and feelings; supporting families to grow richness in connection; couples desiring insight into unfulfilling patterns and greater depths of intimacy and joy; and individuals of all age experiencing the suffering of loss and grief.